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Beware of things that say free.......

Tonight is the night. We are all going to find out what really happens despite what others have tried to do. We'll all go down to where ever we are planning to spend our precious dollars and buy this book. I, however, will have two as of monday afternoon. This morning I was one of 5 winners for an HP trivia contest held by one of the local TV stations. I won a free copy of the HPDH book. I was so excited that I was shaking when I went into work this morning. Things, however, are not as they appear. The book is free, but it comes with a price. The stupid sales and markeing people at the station apparently had made a deal with one of the local stores selling the book. They are not giving the book out til monday after 1pm!!!!! How stupid is that. We were not even offered a voucher to pick up our free book tonight. No, they are going to make us wait 3 days to get it.

I cannot wait that long and will not wait that long. I will have two as of monday afternoon. So, moral of this story is, things are not alwasy as they appear and and just because something is free doesn't mean you get it right away.

Happy Reading!!!
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